Mex. J. Mat. Sci. Eng. 3 (3) 35 -- 53; 2016
Synthesis, procurement and modification of materials: organic and inorganic
35 Preliminary study of the kinetics of leaching copper powders obtained by grinding circuit boards of computers. effect of thiosulfate concentration and temperature
Eduardo Cerecedo Saénz, Juan Hernández ávila, Eleazar Salinas Rodríguez, María Isabel Reyes Valderrama, Isauro Rivera Landero, Mirna Alejandra Mesinas Romero
Characterization of Materials; novel methods and techniques
42 Comparative analysis of manufacturing processes for tests specimens orientation [0/±45]s of carbon fiber 3k and polyester resin
Y. Vega, M. Siqueiros, A. Nava, B. González
49 Evaluation of nanopore size distribution by adsorption differential curves of clinoptilolite zeolites chemically modified
Quiroz K. F., Hernández V. A., Hernández M. A.


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