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(5,5) BN nanotubes -- Dioxin interactions: Influence of Point Defect on the Structural and the Electronic Properties
A. Rodríguez Juárez, C. Sanchéz Hernández, H. Hernández Cocoletzi, E. Chigo Anota(Downloads 648) (Cited by 6)

BN and BN oxide nanosheets based nanosensor for paracetamol adsorption: a first principles simulation
Miguel Castro, Ernesto Chigo Anota(Downloads 620) (Cited by 8)

Fabrication and characterization of novel ceramic materials obtained from mining tailings using coupled thermostatic columns
Jaime Vite Torres, Manuel Vite Torres, José Luis Soto Trinidad, Rita Aguilar Osorio(Downloads 609)

Elastic and electronic properties of strontium vanadate: An ab initio study
A. Aguayo, G. Murrieta(Downloads 569)

Study of the dimensional changes of 4 commercial woods during a thermal treatment by dilatometry
Olmos Luis, Carmona Delgado Iovany, Espinoza Herrera Raúl(Downloads 543)